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The most common queries about Bayview Hotel Melaka

We are happy to answer any questions about Bayview Hotel Melaka. Please check here for frequently asked questions from other guests. Contact us any time for more details and information.

Do you have a No Smoking room?
Smoking is not allowed in any part of Bayview Hotel Melaka, including guest rooms.
Do I need to pay upon check-in?
Yes, full payment and a deposit will be collected upon check-in.
Do you have free WiFi?
Yes, we have free WiFi in almost all areas of the hotel.
Do you have parking and what is the fee?
Yes, we do have multi-level parking, and it is free for our guests.
What is the check-in and check-out time?
Check-in time is after 3:00 PM, and check-out time is at noon.
May I bring my pet into the hotel?
Pets are not allowed on hotel premises.
Do you have disabled friendly rooms?
Yes we do; however, a prior request is required.
I am traveling with my child; will you charge for his accommodation?
No charge will be imposed for children below 12 who are sharing beds with parents. However, breakfast will be charged accordingly for children ages 6 to 12.
How far is the airport?
Melaka International is about 8 km or 20 minutes away. Kuala Lumpur International is about 130 km or 90 minutes away by car.

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